Guitar accessories-Music stands

why do you need a music stand?

A music stand is a device used to hold sheet music for a musician, allowing his or her hands to remain free to play an instrument. Often made of metal, the music stand can be a folding design, non-folding collapsible or permanent height stand.

It’s important that your music is held securely and won’t move around during use. You’ll need a stand that doesn’t wobble around and can support whatever you’re reading from, be it single sheets, heavy fake books or even an iPad, without sagging or toppling under the weight.

Most stands on this list are adjustable with regard to the angle of the desk. This can vary through 90 degrees from fully horizontal to fully vertical. Ensure that the desk holds its position firmly in both planes, and doesn’t droop or rotate away from you while in use – there’s nothing worse than having to crane your neck as your music swings freely in the breeze!

Make sure that the stand you’re looking at is extendable enough height-wise to cover what you want to use it for. A short stand might be fine for a cellist, for example, but not so good if you’re a tall violin virtuoso who likes to perform while standing!

A stable centre of gravity is an important factor, so most music stands tend to have tripod bases. Be careful not to over-extend these to the point where the weight of the desk and whatever it’s supporting is making the stand’s centre of gravity too high. This can destabilise the stand so that the whole thing topples over at the slightest knock or breath of wind.

If you’re looking for a stand that will endure lots of recording or practise sessions, or daily punishment at the hands of merciless teenage music students, be sure to pick one that’s durable and whose moving parts can stand up to a lot of punishment. Cheaper stands will be much more likely to break in the long term due to having less robust components. So, in general, the more you invest initially, the longer your stand will serve you.

If you’re in the market for a music stand that you can carry around with you on your travels, you’re most likely to end up siding with the folding type, which can be packed down into a compact footprint for easy transportation. However, while a lot of non-portable stands can only be reduced down to their minimum height, there are some that enable you to remove the desk completely from the shaft, which then folds down into a compact unit that can be stowed inside a bag.

Music stands Types

1.Small music stand

A sleek, modern take on the old-school portable wireframe design, this stand features a two-section telescopic shaft that adjusts to accommodate standing or seated playing positions, and a pair of metal spring-arm extensions that hold music sheets or light books securely in place. 

This stand is suitable for both sitting and standing users as it features a two-tier vertical shaft, and a tilting bookplate, making it a comfortable choice for both types of consumers. You can also adjust the height from 28 inches to 58 inches, which means it’s a great option for everyone.

2.Middle music stand

The stand is a great example of a practical, foldable music stand, featuring non-slip rubber feet, a sturdy base that opens and closes quickly and easily, plus a high-quality height-adjusting handle and desk knob. 

What makes the stand extra-special is its tough, metal desk, which is hinged horizontally across the centre and folds in half from top to bottom, halving its surface area and making transportation that much easier. Elsewhere, the collapsible shaft and legs are made of sturdy, high-strength tubular steel.

3.large music stand

The most important thing to know about this stand is that it’s intended to be a middle-ground between lighter (and flimsier) music stands and stands that are incredibly durable but inconvenient to move and store.

The bookplate itself isn’t collapsible, which means that you’re going to be a bit more limited in how you store it. However, the legs are foldable, which will definitely help if you’re running short on space. The bookplate is also vented, which helps to further reduce the weight of the stand.

The tri-leg design featured in the stand isn’t quite as stable as those that use a large bottom plate, but all things considered, it performs pretty well. It’s not likely to tip over mid-song, and because of the length of the stand’s base, it’s not likely to be overly affected by vibrations transmitted through a stage during the performance.

The height of the stand is able to be adjusted from 28” to 48”, which ensures that just about every musician using it is going to be able to find a position that works for them. The bookplate itself can also be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees, giving you a lot of options in how you choose to position the stand. It makes the stand a good fit for those of you who are going to be going between sitting and standing positions.