Picking out playing your first guitar is an exciting experience. But do you know there are many guitar accessories you can use to make your life easier and your playing experience more satisfying? Below our list covers everything you’ll need to protect your gear, keep it in tune, and sounds great.

1.Guitar  Pick

If you are a guitar player, you need to own a few guitar picks. Guitar picks are among the easiest guitar accessories to lose out there. The last thing you want is to go to a lesson, or a gig, and find out that you’ve lost your only guitar pick. You should always have a ton of extra guitar picks in your gig back at all times. Furthermore, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you will undoubtedly find the one that suits you the best. To start with you will need a few very thin picks (get as thin as you can find). These thin picks will help you learn to strum well. It is also worth getting a couple of Medium thickness too – these are better for playing notes individually (like when you play scales) and you’ll need these later in the course.

2.Pick holder

If you have trouble keeping track of your guitar picks, then this is the perfect guitar accessory for you. It allows all of your picks to be in one place in the reach of your hand. Whether you get one that is mounted on the microphone stand or the one that can be placed on the guitar, you will surely be able to simply take another pick if the first goes out of reach. You can choose the ones that are placed on the body of the guitar where it will be easy for you to take one with your right hand, or you can get ones that are placed on the headstock. Find the one that is the most comfortable for you and your guitar style。


A capo is used by guitarists to raise the pitch of the guitar so that they can easily transpose a song and play in a different key using the same chord fingerings that they are used to. It is a really cool device that you place on the guitar neck, and it changes the pitch of the open strings.* CLASSICAL – please note that if you are using a classical (nylon string) guitar you will need a different capo.it needs to be flat and not curved. They are small and you’ll be able to carry them even in your pocket.



You should always have an extra pair of guitar strings with you just in case. Now even though your guitar certainly came pre-strung, and probably tuned as well. We all know how frustrating it can be whenever your string breaks. By always having an extra string in your pocket, you will surely avoid all the frustration that comes with string breaking. There are so many options that you can choose from. Materials, string gauge, and almost anything else. So be sure to find the one that is perfect for you. What gauge strings? Most beginners play 009 gauge for electric and 010 gauge for acoustics. The thicker the strings the more they hurt your fingers, but they sound better.

5.Guitar String brush

It is basically a brush that helps clean and protects your strings, extending their life.Their only purpose is to make our strings feel good. While this won’t really resurrect some old rusty strings, it will certainly prolong the life of new ones if used properly.

6.Guitar String Winder and Cutter

the perfect all in one package to increase the efficiency of changing your strings. It allows you to quickly turn the tuning pegs on your guitar to help speed up the process. It also has a built-in wire cutter so you can cut away the excess string ends, or remove your old strings.

7.FretWraps String Muter

It is to help mute or dampen the strings to prevent the strings from ringing out and causing unwanted noise.


it is better to be accurately in tune – and having your guitar sound nice – than trying to learn how to tune, messing it up, and having your guitar sound horrible These little gadgets will help you tune the strings of your guitar to perfect concert pitch, or help you straighten out those odd tunings some players like to use. Simply clip the tuner onto the headstock of your guitar, and you’re good to go forth and tune.


It is very difficult to play the guitar while sitting. Getting a strap is a very good idea. It helps keep the guitar stable and trains you up for when you want to go unleash your skills on the world. Straps come in a variety of materials and designs, so what you choose is up to you. Just go into the decision with comfort on the top of your mind. Two inches in width is a good starting point and maybe look for something with padding that will ease the strain on your neck and shoulder.


If you plan to stand up and use a strap on your guitar, then please buy some strap locks. Strap locks are cheap and easy to use. You will place them at the end of the strap, and they will prevent the strap from falling by accident. This way, you’ll be able to jump with the guitar without fear of something happening to your beloved instrument.

11.Guitar slider

Slides are used to create an almost infinite number of notes. Guitar slides are great for almost any music genre. You won’t be restricted by the number of frets anymore. Furthermore, you will be able to create that lovely singing-lady tone that you heard so many times before. You can get them made from glass, metal, and even plastic.


These are designed to hold sheet music or music books, to assist you when playing music with information right in front of you。

13 Gig Bag Or A Case

You need to own a gig bag or a case. There are players who prefer getting a gig bag because it is less robust and you have extra pockets. So you will always be able to carry extra strings, picks, tuners, capos, or any other accessories.

14.Guitar Cables

If you play the guitar that has a pickup, you need cables. While you probably own a cable, you need to know that they are expendable.

Two things you’ll have to pay attention to for guitar cables are the end pieces (the ends where the cable plugs in) and the length of the cable.

15.Guitar stand

there are three main types. Firstly, there are A-frame stands. These are the most common types. A-frames, as per their name, look like the letter A, and you can tell what model they are made for by the arms at the bottom. If the hooked arms at the bottom are longer, they fit acoustic and classical guitars. If they’re smaller, they’re made to fit electric guitars and basses. secondly, there are guitar rack stands. These stands are designed to fit multiple guitars in one, 3, 5, or 7 guitars are the most common amounts you can fit. Note, on these stands acoustic guitars take up a bit of extra room, so you won’t be able to get 7 acoustics on a 7 guitar stand.

16.Guitar Hanger

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home studio for a bunch of guitar stands, you should definitely consider getting guitar wall mount hangers. They’re a very cheap solution for displaying all of your guitars when you’re not using them, while not taking up any space.


17.Cleaning Cloth

These clothes are made for guitar cleaning and polishing so you won’t find anything better. Polishing cloths are incredible and will last you for a long time. It can be washed simply in a washing machine.

18.Finger Exerciser

We can use it to strengthen your fingers. Since it is obvious that you’ll need to develop the strength to play the guitar (especially bass), most beginners struggle when they start because they are unable to fret everything properly and they can’t do it for long.

19.Guitar Humidifier

Whether you play acoustic or electric guitar, getting a mini humidifier can keep your instrument top notch. In dry conditions, the wood of the guitar can warp and deform. This can further cause cracking and serious damage to the finish and even wood itself. A humidifier is easy to use. You will basically get a little sponge that you’ll dampen with water, and when that water evaporates it will help with dry conditions and will help the wood from cracking and getting too dry.


20.Guitar cleaning tools

Over time, your guitar will naturally collect dirt and dust build-up on the body and fingerboard. Also, typical fretboard wood tends to dry over time. This guitar cleaning kit has everything you need to clean your guitar, so it’s good as new.

What’s the best way to stop your guitar strings from breaking? Keep your strings and fretboard clean is a great place to start. The truth is, every guitar player should have a guitar cleaning kit

21.Tool Kit

If you are a guitar player, you already know that you need to have tools. When the time comes for you to change your strings, you can make the whole process enjoyable and fun.

22.Neck holder

Whether you are changing strings or doing full polishing, this will help you more than you can imagine.


23.Guitar footrest

A guitar footrest is one of those bits of kit you’ll be glad you brought. Did you know good playing posture is vital to your progress and enjoyment of playing guitar? This is where a footrest comes to the rescue. Say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable and muscle aches brought on by practice.


Guitar players love pedals. There is nothing like changing the tone to some incredible sounds. We all know that famous wah pedal, and the best thing is that options are limitless. You can get delay, chorus, drive, overdrive, wah, and so many other pedals that it is so easy to get lost in all the possibilities.


Pedalboard will allow you to place all the pedals in a case, where all you’ll need to do is plug the guitar


26.Wireless System

It  allows you to connect your guitar, effects pedals and amplifier through wireless technology. The benefit here should be obvious – no cables means no restrictions on stage.


A guitar amp should get with a great sound, cool effects to play around with, and different amp tones.

28.Guitar Interface for iOS

It is a guitar interface that allows you to plug your guitar right into your iOS. This essentially allows you to bring an entire recording studio with you on the go.

29 metronome

It is essential to help you become an awesome guitar player. Without constantly working on correct timing, you may as well give up playing guitar and take up knitting instead.

30 Guitar pick up

It lies under the acoustic guitar’s saddle and is noted for producing a strong midrange.


31  guitar cover

Simply slide the cover over the back of your instrument until part of the top and the whole back is covered giving you immediate protection and comfort. You can leave the cover on while playing to protect from sweat and oils

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