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why do you need guitar cases

Guitar cases are in fact guitar-saving and protecting devices. They help protect our guitars from knocks and bruises, dings and all sorts of things like that.

guitar cases type

Soft Gig Bags

Typically made of a lightweight material, such as nylon, a soft guitar case should include plenty of padding for extra protection. One benefit of soft guitar cases, in addition to their lower cost, is the storage space. A gig bag will keep your instrument from being scratched while you’re carrying it and is a lot lighter than a hardshell case; a gig bag also typically tends to have some pockets, which can allow you to carry learning books, fingering charts, a pencil, picks, a tuner, or anything else you may need.

It’s the lowest and best seller gig bag in the market.

With 8mm padded, it gives more protective to your guitars.

The different pocket design is another reason to choose

Pu material is also a good choice 

Pu material is also a good choice 

Hard Guitar Cases

A hard case (generally made from wood or heavy-duty POLYFOAM and ABS) provides more protection against mishaps than a gig bag does, and that makes it a must-have for touring guitarists and players that fly with their guitars. Hard cases provide a more secure fit for your guitar than gig bags do

Wood guitar cases

There are 2 types: acoustic and classic guitar case. It’s the best seller

Archtop design are also liked by buyers

It’s designed for most electric guitars. It’s the best seller of electric guitar cases.

Foam Acoustic Guitar Case

it protects, stores, and transports a 6-string or 12-string dreadnought acoustic guitar. Along with a weather-resistant exterior that defends against the elements, the case features dense padding that shields the guitar from damage. The soft plush interior lining safeguards the instrument finish. Inner and outer accessories compartments provide convenient access to supplies and tools. Two handles and a removable adjustable shoulder strap enable balanced, comfortable carrying. A two-pull zipper fully opens and closes at either end or any point between for ease of loading and unloading.

It’s also the popular. 

It’s the lightest guitar case, only 2.7kgs.

ABS Guitar Case

 ABS as well as plush lining and durable safety locks protect your beloved guitar from unexpected bumps.

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