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The Guitar Capo is a device placed on the neck of a guitar to shorten the effective length of its strings.





A multifunctional capo for guitar, easy to use and does not hurt guitar, you can clip any 6/12 string guitar strings on a certain grade and creates your own tone.

Rubber A length of 61mm is a flat rubber for classical guitar, and rubber B length of 57mm is a curved rubber for acoustic guitar.
Fit for less stringed instruments: Ukulele, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin. It is the ONE capo that can fit all types of string instruments.
Dual protective silicone rubber pads, and a seamless twist ensure no points to damage your Instrument and protect your guitar against wear and scratches.
Micrometer adjustment tension, assures higher performance at every fret. Large adjustable knurled tension knob for accurate control of tension. The enough-width clamp lets you accurately control to keep strings in tune.
Lightweight aircraft-grade zinc-alloy body with a smooth finish and strong steel spring for long-time use.