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(Last Updated On: 07/12/2023)


  • The best guitar wall hanger is constructed of high-quality steel with a satin black finish and the Yoke is packed with soft foam padding, not only they are very sturdy and strong but also they don’t damage without friction nature, are suitable for all types of musical Instruments like guitar violin, etc.
  • Easy Installation: Fix the bending steel plate of the hook into the slot on the panel, then slide it slightly to anywhere you like to set it.
  • Perfectly Display: Perfectly hold all kinds of size guitars. Prevent the guitar from being improperly placed, and also keep your valued musical and displayed various instruments well protected, Nice for your retail shop, musical studio, or bedroom.
  • Space-saving tool: Display Hooks are nice to display fixtures To manage and organize different musical instruments in your shop, room, and so on. Beautify any space
  • Safety: The Yoke is injected with rubber, so the hook doesn’t scratch your valued instruments and it is safe when touching it.

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