Cartoon Guitar Tuner Owl





Tuning Scale: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele

Tuning Mode Vibration

Tuning Range A0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186Hz)

Precision ±1 Cent

Response Time <20ms

Power 3V(CR2032 Lithium Battery, Included)

Dimension 52*50*98mm(with Clip)

Weight 56g


In short…

  • Works accurately with almost any instrument – acoustic/electric guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin etc and works on vibration to detect the tuning of your guitar. So you can tune in a noisy room!
  • Very simple to operate (I gave it to a 7year old and he tuned his guitar straight away with, without needing instructions!)
  • Ultra-versatile – Fully Chromatic, plus 4 preset tuning modes (Guitar/Bass/Violin/Ukulele) plus micro adjustment from 435Hz to 445Hz
  • Bright, colour coded display (which changes colour to indicate flat/sharp/in tune) makes it really easy to use, even in low light at gigs
  • Quadra-flat tuning means easier tuning when using a capo
  • Comes with a free  battery

In detail…

7 reasons why you need this  Clip-on Chromatic Tuner…

If you were to ask me to name ONE essential bit of music kit – it would be a tuner. If I had $1 for every band I’ve seen which sounded terrible because someone was out of tune… I wouldn’t be here typing this!
Here’s 6 reasons why you need a No Bull Music Gear tuner in your arsenal:

  1. It keeps you sounding good!
    OK – a bit of a given, but there are so many people who play out of tune, and for the sake of a few quid, its crazy not to have one and instantly make yourself sound better.
  2. It’s simple to use.
    It comes with instructions, but in most cases you won’t need them, its pretty intuitive. You can use it to tune almost any instrument you can think of, and it responds well to all frequencies – even bass guitars, which are notoriously harder to use with most clip-on tuners. Its chromatic, or you can select one of 4 dedicated instrument modes (Guitar/Bass/Violin/Ukulele).
  3. Its really easy to see, even in low light.
    We’re used many different types of tuners over they years, and generally the displays fall into 2 categories. One is backlit (where you’d have black display on an illuminated background) and the other is like this tuner – where the background is dark and the display is lit up. Its way easier to see than the other type. Also this rather nifty feature helps – the display changes colour to tell you whether you’re flat, in tune, or sharp. This makes it extra-easy to use!
  4. Its great for use with a capo.
    Using a capo with a tuner as each fret you go up the next with the capo, the open string note changes. Not with quadra-flat tuning. You just tell the tuner which fret the capo is on (up to fret 4) and the tuner still displays the old faithful EADGBE which most guitarists know and love!
  5. Its really easy to position where you want it.
    you can get the tuner positioned in the best position for you. Whether you’re left or right handed!
  6. You get a free battery.
    Sounds daft, you’d be surprised how many tuners come without a battery. Saves you a trip down the shop when the tuner arrives.