5M/10M Coiled guitar cable vendor

Coiled cable expands to any length you need, but easily contracts back to its original size when you’re done.

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(Last Updated On: 07/29/2023)

A coiled guitar cable is a type of cable used to connect an electric guitar or other instrument to an amplifier or other audio equipment. As the name suggests, the cable is coiled, which means it can stretch out to a certain length when needed but can also be compacted and stored in a small space.

Coiled cables are popular among guitar players because they can prevent tangles and knots that often occur with straight cables. They also give players the ability to move around more freely without tripping over excess cable. However, it’s worth noting that coiled cables can sometimes add unwanted noise or signal loss compared to straight cables, so some players may prefer the latter depending on their needs and preferences.

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