the ABY Channel Switch

The ABY Channel Switch offers seamless switching between two outputs or simultaneous use, ideal for versatile guitar setups. Features bi-directional transmission, robust metal casing, and operates without a power supply for ultimate portability and reliability. Perfect for live and studio applications.



ntroducing the ABY Channel Switch – Your Ultimate Performance Companion!

? Versatile Switching Made Simple: Experience seamless transition between two different setups with our ABY Channel Switch. Whether it’s live performances or studio sessions, effortlessly switch signals or use both channels simultaneously for expanded sonic capabilities.

? Bi-directional Transmission: Our ABY pedal supports bi-directional transmission, allowing for flexible signal routing without the need for external power. It’s perfect for musicians looking to maintain a clean setup with minimal gear.

No Power Supply Needed: Operate entirely passively, freeing you from the dependence on power supplies and making it an ideal choice for venues and settings where power is limited or unavailable.

?️ Robust Metal Case: Constructed with a durable metal case, this pedal is built to withstand the rigors of touring and frequent use, ensuring reliability wherever your music takes you.

? Portable Design: Lightweight and compact, it fits comfortably in any gig bag, making it a must-have tool for guitarists and bassists who demand flexibility and reliability on the move.

? Sleek Controls: Features easy-to-use controls with clear indicators for A, B, and Y settings, ensuring you’re always in control of your sound.