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(Last Updated On: 09/06/2023)
Pearloid Pickguard SSS Guitar with Screws for 11 Holes Mexican/USA Standard Strat Guitar
Used for 11 Holes American / Mexican Modern Standard FD Strat SSS Style Guitar Parts Replacement.Does not fit Squier or any other Custom Strats.
SSS (single /single/ single coil) style pickguard, 11 screw holes in the side of the pickguard.
Big pure aluminum foil shield on back to protect pickup, potholes.
Two layers of protective film on the top of pickguards, while using please split it off.
All materials are environmentally friendly, thermostable, no smell.
Anti-scratch to protect the guitar.
Protecting your guitar and also a pretty decorate.
Come with mounting screws.
Material:4Ply of 3Ply PVC & 1Ply Celluloid Material.

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