guitar capo-gk03





Material:aluminum alloy
Finished:spray painting
Color:black/red/silver/gold /blue

Whether you’re playing down the local boozer, or onstage in front of thousands of people, its nice to have gear which just works – which is exactly what this capo does. And it works REALLY well. With this capo – you will get:

• Great tuning every time: The angled compression string helps to apply the tension more evenly across all the strings – rather than focusing on the bass side of the strings which, by design, most trigger capo’s concentrate on.
• Fast capo changes: The simple design makes it easy to change capo position (or take the capo on and off) even during a song in less than a second.
• No damage: With silicon padding on all of the points where the capo contacts the guitar, your neck edge/fingerboard will receive no damage when fitting/moving/removing it. The silicon is guaranteed not to play havoc with any guitar lacquers.
• Reliability: Its really well made. The ultra-strong  Aluminum alloy body。