music stand lighting

This 10pcs LED Music Stand Light set is an ideal solution for anyone in need of multiple reliable and versatile music stand lights.



Model No:907

10 white  music stand lighting

7A battery operated

The 10pcs LED Music Stand Light set is a fantastic bundle for musicians, teachers, and performers who require multiple lights for their ensemble or studio. These clip-on lights provide ample illumination for sheet music, books, or tablets during practice or performances in low-light settings. Each light features:

  1. 10 LED bulbs: The 10 LED bulbs on each light provide bright and even illumination, ensuring optimal visibility for your music sheets.
  2. Flexible gooseneck: The adjustable gooseneck design allows you to easily position the light to focus on specific areas of your music stand or instrument.
  3. Clip-on design: The sturdy clip attaches securely to your music stand, ensuring the light stays in place during use.
  4. Battery and USB powered: These lights can be powered by batteries or a USB cable, providing versatility and convenience for various settings.
  5. Compact and portable: The lightweight and compact design makes these lights easy to transport and store, making them perfect for rehearsals, performances, and travel.
  6. Energy-efficient: LED bulbs consume less energy than traditional bulbs, ensuring longer battery life and reducing the environmental impact.