music stand lights

music stand lights are versatile and practical accessories for musicians, ensuring that sheet music or other materials are easily readable in various performance, practice, and learning situations.



music stand lights comes with 9 LED lights inside, that have two levels of brightness.

It’s a 11” long gooseneck model, so you can adjust the light direction however you might like it. It’s operated by three AAA batteries and has 10 hours of working time in one go.

music stand lights temperature:5500-6000K

Music stand lights are designed to provide illumination for musicians during various situations, including rehearsals, performances, and practice sessions. They are particularly useful in low-light environments or when stage lighting is insufficient for reading sheet music or other materials. Here are some common applications for music stand lights:

1.Orchestra and Band Performances:

2.Solo Performances

3.Theater Productions

4Studio Recording Sessions

5.Practice Sessions

6.Music Lessons