There are many guitar bags in the market.Let us show you the process of guitar bags

Guitar bags have an exterior that’s usually made of nylon, polyester, leather, or some combination of those materials. In addition to standard carrying handles, they usually include at least 1 additional shoulder strap

1.At the beginning, people only need a bag . they are great at protecting from rain, as long as you don’t leave it outside during a storm. They also protect from dust at home, and take up less room than a hard case.

There was a time when guitar bags were thought of only as cheap, minimal protection–suitable for low-priced guitars that weren’t going to be subjected to rigorous travel/transport. You bought a guitar bag to make carrying the guitar easier, not to protect it. However, guitar bags have come a long way and while light-duty, low-cost guitar bags are still available

2.With the development of society,musicians need a padded, soft-sided bag used for the storage and transport of musical instruments.

It has double straps so you can comfortably wear the guitar bag on your back, freeing-up your hands to do other things like riding a bicycle. It includes  one large outer accessory pocket for sheet music, cables, straps, etc.

3.While gig bags are lighter and easier to carry, they offer much less protection 。musicians need heavier bag to protect love guitars.

It includes rubberized reinforcements on outer surfaces.

4.Foam cases are great for people who need the light weight of a guitar bag, but want just slightly more protection against impacts than most guitar  bags provide.   they’re appropriate for general transport around town and to/from bags, but only if you plan to hand-carry or otherwise have the guitar with you most of the time. Don’t use a foam case if you plan to put it in situations where it could fall over, or where other things might fall or get stacked on top of the case.

5.Foam cases still offer less protection than a wooden  case.Wooden  cases offer excellent all-around protection for everyday ground transport, such as carrying the guitar around town, taking it on road trips, etc. They can withstand some pretty hard knocks, however, they’re not indestructible. So, don’t be careless and if you travel a lot be sure to inspect your hardshell case for any signs of serious structural or hardware (latches, hinges, and handle) damage.


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