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Guitar accessories-Guitar Hanger

(Last Updated On: 03/26/2022)

Why do you need a guitar hanger?

hanging your guitar on a wall with guitar hangers or another guitar holder for walls is one of the most secure and convenient ways to store your guitar for both short-term and long-term use.

Guitar hanger Types:

Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Holder  –GH01

It is a wall-mounted guitar hanger with raised front forks that help keep your guitar secure.  Safe, space-saving way to hold and display guitars.   Solid all-steel construction.   Hanger swivels to accommodate all headstock shapes.   Soft, rubber cushioning protects the guitar neck.  Supplied with all mounting hardware.


Wooden Guitar Hanger-GH02

The guitar hanger is well padded to protect the finish on your guitar, and it bends in such a way that the guitar’s headstock will be cradled and secure.

Wall mount hanger for guitar, bass, ukulele, and other string instruments.
Solid wood base and strong steel hook, durable and stable.
Soft rubber covers the main contact part of the instrument and the hanger, safe and reliable.
Suitable for storage and display of string instruments at home, in studio, or at exhibitions.

Guitar Hangers Hook Holder Wall Mount-GH03

They can be directly screwed into walls to hang ANYWHERE! – Arms are adjustable in and out to fit ALL size necks and instruments, They Will hold everything from VIOLIN to BASS GUITARS and all things in between! It is Great for displaying your precious instrument! 

Guitar Hanger Gh04

These can be used on Slat Board Walls for display in stores and homes – They can be directly screwed into walls to hang EVERYWHERE! – Arms are adjustable in and out to fit ALL size necks and instruments, They Will hold everything from VIOLIN to BASS GUITARS and all things in between! 

Guitar Hanger Wall Mount with 180 Degree Angle Adjustment and Slat Wall Adapter-GH05

Hang your Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Violin, Viola, Mandolin, or even your Guitar Hero or Rock Band Guitar Controllers with the Mountable Guitar Hanger by Science Purchase. Featuring a 180 Degree angle adjustment, this guitar hanger can be mounted to almost any surface (screws/bolts not included). A soft foam padding covers the neck holder to prevent damage to your instrument. Includes a slat adapter for mounting on a slat wall without the need for any additional tools or hardware. Perfect for use at home to hold your favorite guitar or at a retail musical instrument shop.


Guitar Hanger and Wall Mount Bracket Holder-GH06


  • Padded Guitar Wall Hanger: there are padded arms to ensure your guitar is softly cradled and to avoid any scrapes or bumps when the guitar is placed with the guitar holder or remove
  • Secure Guitar Wall Mount: This guitar hanger has an auto-locking mechanism, unlike traditional guitar hangers that use Gravity the locking Gates on this guitar hanger drop into place as soon as your guitar is mounted in the device
  • Universal Guitar Hanger: Designed to work with all types of headstocks the guitar hanger is truly Universal, working with acoustic, Electric, Bass, and even uneven heels
  • Guitar Holder: This guitar hanger is designed with a deep cradle, this ensures that no force is used to find the sweet spot, the hanger moves into place to cradle your pride and joy

Wall Mount Auto Lock-GH07

  • Make guitar secure and safe  —— Specially formulated foam wraps around the arm to ensure that your instrument soft cradle and avoids any scrapes or bumps when the instrument is placed in the yoke or removed. No need to worry about your heavy and expensive instruments falling off anymore.
  • Simple installation —— Guitar hanger installation requires a Phillips screwdriver and you can easily mount this guitar hook on a concrete or wooden wall.
  • Guitar Stand for All Guitars & Ukuleles —— The guitar wall hanger can be used for both electric and acoustic guitars, bass. Such as acoustic, electric, classical, bass guitars and works for banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles.
  • Save space —— Guitar Hanger helps you save more space in your room. It makes the guitar up and down easier and easier to play. Lock your guitar Automatically when putting the guitar neck on the arm to prevent the guitar from falling. And Automatically released when lifting your guitar.

 5 Guitar Wall Rack Mount for Electric Acoustic and Bass Guitars

Wall Mounted 5-Space Slatwall Guitar Hanger in Black
Safely Holds up to Five (5) Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitars
Individual Yokes Equipped with Pivot, Swivel & Spatial Adjustment
Standoffs Provide Clearance for Both Straight & Angled Headstocks
Great for Showing Off Guitars in Studio or Showroom

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