Today, let’s discuss about shipping by air, by sea, and by land for guitar accessories.

(1) By air: including air transportation and International Express.

When we usually say “ air transportation”, it usually means the shipping from airport to airport by plane. The supplier needs to send the goods to the airport and do export customs clearance. Also, the consignee needs to do the importing customs clearance and pick up the goods from airport.

International Express, usually means transportation by FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc.

It is door to door shipping. The express will assist the consignee to do the import customs release. Of course, the consignee needs to pay for the importing tax. As the guitar accessories  is low value, it’s not  good deal.

(2) By sea: as all we know, sea shipping is slow and cheap. But sea shipping is not suitable for small volumes. There is fixed cost for sea shipping in each shipment, such as harbor cost, customs clearance cost. we can ship you over 5cbm.

(3) By land: including by truck and by train.

By truck: The countries boarder on China such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand have the truck route. Guangzhou Imusic co.,ltd can offer door to door shipping to most of the Southeast Asian countries. We can get good shipping price from the shipping agent with the volume over one CBM.

By train: Now the International train shipment covers about 25 countries in Europe. Train shipping is good for small volumes like a couple of CBMS.

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