guitar string dampener

string dampener for guitar is an Adjustable length design,
Easy to adjust the required muffling intensity
Idle when not in use
Can be pushed to the head at any time
Easy to use without assistance
Add it to the guitar.



A guitar string dampener, also known as a string mute or fret wrap, is an accessory used by guitarists to mute or dampen unwanted string vibrations and overtones. This helps produce a cleaner sound, particularly when playing techniques like tapping, legato, or sweep picking. Guitar string dampeners are especially useful for electric and bass guitar players, as they can help reduce unwanted noise and improve overall sound quality during recording sessions or live performances.

1. String Dampener size:17cm

2.  Guitar String Dampener  character:

1. Guitar String Dampener Eliminates unwanted string noise & resonance
Putting on the muffler belt can effectively cut off the overtones and resonances produced during recording, live performance, and tapping strings with both hands. It can cleanly process the sound without freeing up hands, and at the same time eliminate unnecessary string noise or ringing.

2. fret wraps Suitable for live performance & recording studio, saving time and effort
The strength design required for muting can be adjusted. When not in use, it can be pushed to the headstock at will. Simple to use, no auxiliary tools are required to attach to the guitar.


3. string dampener guitar Made of microfiber, Velcro design The combination of microfiber and Velcro helps to adjust the muffler band and increase the tolerance