The Child Piano Set

The newest child piano set

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(Last Updated On: 04/26/2022)

An excellent wooden Piano Toy, well built, looks and sounds great. It looks great in any living room or nursery.


1. what’s the size of the child piano?


2. what’s the packing of the child piano?

1pc in a carton. it’s 62x46x19cm

3. What’s the MOQ of the child piano?


4. What’s the power of the child piano?

6pcs aa battery

5. What’s the octave of the child piano?


6. the child piano for how old child?

3-5 years

7. the child piano is electric or acoustic?

It’s electric.

8. How many keys of the child piano?


9. How many pieces is the child piano in a 20 GP  and 40HQ?

500PCS in a 20GP and 1225pcs in a 40HQ

10.What’s the warranty of the child piano?

1 year

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