If you are looking for some brand guitar accessories from China, it will help you quickly find what you want
1. Cherub
Cherub products include metronomes, tuners, metro-tuners, tone generators, pickups, sustain pedals, digital drum pads, EQ preamps, and more. There are 3 brands: Cherub, Nux, Musedo

2. Aroma
The current products feature on two ranges. One range calls musical accessories under the brand name ‘AROMA’, includes tuners, metronomes, metrotuners, capo, instruments stand and hand exerciser grip, and more are coming.

Another range calls musical electronic products under the brand name ‘TOM’S LINE ENGINEERING’,

includes all kinds of guitar and bass effect pedals, and kinds of guitar amps.

3. Alice

Alice is supplying more than 2000 products of a diverse range to meet music lovers’ demands: mainly classical guitar strings, acoustic guitar strings, electric guitar strings, bass strings, bowed instrument strings, traditional Chinese and western instrument strings; and instrument accessories like plectrum, capos and machine heads, etc.


Effects Pedals, Guitar Amplifiers, Tube Amplifiers, Rock House, Metronomes, Tuners, EQ systems, Drum Practice Pads, Pedal Controllers, Synthesizers, E-Erhus, Wireless Systems, Audio Cables, and Portable Power Supplies.

5.Guangzhou Imusic

Guangzhou Imusic is a resource for guitar accessories:music stands,guitar stands,keyboard stands, microphone stands, speaker stands,

guitar soft bag, foam case,wood case, abs case, guitar cable, guitar capos, guitar strings,  guitar tuner ,guitar amplifier,etc


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