The Guitar Hanger allows you to have quick and easy access to your instrument by hanging it in the nearest closet!Below will show you 10 popular guitar hangers from China

1.Iron Guitar hanger(GH01)

2.Guitar Wall Mount Hanger(GH02)

3.Plastic guitar hanger(GH03)


4.Iron Guitar hanger

This guitar holder can be screwed to the wall and is suitable for both electric and acoustic guitars, but also a ukulele can hang there safely. The supporting arms can both rotate independently around their axis , where guitars are held with an asymmetrical head perfectly balanced. The holder clamps the instrument with its own weight. The rubber coating ensures adequate protection of your instrument

5.Adjustable guitar hanger(GH05)

6.Auto lock wood guitar hanger(GH06)

7.Auto lock iron guitar hanger(GH07)

8.Auto lock guitar hanger



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